Redoing This….

The Oxcarbazepine, that I just recently started, is no more. Taking this new medication with the Severe Side Effects at a frequency of Twice A Day is just not a mixture of my favorite things. What this means is having to deal with “morning” side-effects.

In my opinion, starting a day with side-effects is just… well… not a favorite thing of mine.

“It would be so wonderful if I could get an Extended Release version of this medication! This way I would only have to take it once a day. OH! And only take it at night.”

What happened? I found it. It’s a 24 hour version called Oxtellar XR. Contacted my doc and told her I want to take that instead of the Oxcarbazepine. She set me up, and this is what I have now.

Ok… I started the half-dosage of Oxtellar XR for nearly a week, and now I’ve just began taking the full amount last night. Today, I am feeling so much better. Wow! This increase, I believe, has really changed allot in the way of “thinking” and “speaking”. I finally can say that I feel more normal. I can easily admit that these past 5-6 months of medication changes have been a very bumpy path to take, but I can honestly say that I am finally feeling incredibly better. For once.

Have to wait and see if this is going to stay the same, and hope it will completely work for as long as I need it (forever?).


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