Strong Med

Okay… Last week, I was thinking that the work up to one single 600 mg pill (by increasing 150 mg per week) was taking long enough. I thought that was all. Uh, no… I’m only half-way.

Aw, shit.

Half-way? Another month? I started the next step up, but…. This body/brain is not going for that. I started with another 150 mg to go with a 600 mg. Uhhhhhhh….. That is just way too much. I am not feeling good. For about the first 2 hours, I am feeling WAY WAY too dizzy. My eyeballs are twitching.

….been there, felt that before….

I hate it. I’m going to just stay at the single 600 mg pill, for now. I’ll call my doctor and see where we can go with this.


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