A Pill is gone, because of….

About a week ago, I was calling over to the hospital to speak with my new Neurologist about the newest medication I’ve been on for awhile. The one thing that I hated with it is that it had to be taken 3x a day.

Well…. one of the side-effects was REALLY kicking in last weekend. Oooohhh…. That thing was making me sooo tired. I’d get up, take pills, eat breakfast, and was so tired that I just had to lay back down. I was OUT. Woke up at noon, took a pill, ate lunch and just had to lay down again! Woke up for dinner…… on and on and on…..

I finally told myself NOT to take anymore Sunday night or Monday morning. Monday, I called over to the office of my new Neurologist and spoke with the nurse about the problems for the weekend. She told me just to stop the Morning and Noon. Uh, no. I told her that I was wanting to COMPLETELY STOP the pills all-day. She and that was fine. I was only taking them for the reason of stopping the tremor in my right arm and hand. Made it “better”, but the tremor was still there (not as bad as before). If the pills were COMPLETELY getting rid of the tremor in my arm, then I would be concerned with getting off it. I didn’t want to change the med. But I could be just sleeping all day with it EVERYDAY! ARGGGG…..

So, I got completely off that pill and now my right-hand (and arm) has the bad tremor back. It really bothered me when it started coming back. But after a few days, I have just gotten used to it (I guess that’s kinda the way I’d put it). I’ve had this before, so I have gotten used to again.

I was told on the phone that the new Neurologist should call and discuss. That wasn’t happening. So, here’s where I am: The one prescription is removed. Not feeling like I just want to sleep 24 hours a day. Tremor in my arm/hand has returned worse than before.

Other than all that, everything is great again as far as the THINKING and TALKING goes. I can just stay this way until another surgery (someday) would help. That’s where I am.


Hmmm…. I guess it’s time to escribe en español? (Spanish)

My Brain: <yawn> I did not sleep well last night.

A Different Part of My Brain: Why not?

My Brain: I don’t know…. I forget….

Got up this morning and had something on my list that I needed to do… Monday…

What do I do on Mondays….? …uh…oh, I gotta go see my Psych Lady.
Mmmmmm…. oh, yeah.

Psych Lady: OK! Today we are going to go to “blah blah blah” to eat. (I don’t remember what she said)

Already-thought-about-the-subject Self: I believe we should go to that Smashburger and eat inside of THEIR building, just like we did last time.

Psych Lady: Uh… ugh. I am not appreciative to enjoy Smashburger, but I guess I can lower my expectations and allow you to make the decision because you are the master in command.

Happy-for-the-understanding Self: Yes. And you know the directions to the location. Lets go.

Climbed into the vehicle… Eeeeeerrrrrrrr……. Skidded away and around the corner from the beginning location. We arrived successfully at SMASHBURGER. Hmmm…

So, we ordered… And talked… And spoke… And ate… And drank… And…. na, that’s about it.

I’m pretty sure, but maybe not 100% sure, that I’ve posted on here about the Evaluation I’m having.

Yes. One of those Neuropsychological Evaluation things. Had one of those things last year. Now, to compare, I will do it again in a couple of weeks.

What do I personally think? I think I’ve gotten “better in the brain” since then. We’ll have to just wait and see…

Visit to the Neurologist & Therapists last week

Today is a “Do Nothing” Day. I’ve been getting to the point where I almost think that I can get by with that on most days. I have to look at the calendar hanging on the wall to see what is happening on these days.

On Thursday last week… hold on, takes me awhile to just “think”… oh, I saw my Neurologist. He hadn’t seen me since the surgery back a month ago. He has such great things to say about me. He was very impressed with the way I looked…..and this blog. LOL! He likes my grammar and the way I write. Thinking about what to type and thinking while typing makes this thing great and very long to do. Now, the fact that I may take hours, or a day, just to think/remember things that I’ve done days ago. It’d be even harder if I was to tell you what I just did last hour! Short term memory sucks…

Wait, wait… We were talking about what the doctor thought. Let me get my thoughts back to that. He said that he was impressed with what I have done and accomplished so far. This pertains to what seems to be a better “thinking” process, while my scars on my head are looking pretty fine too. Eh, it was hard work to get all this personal skin healing done. I just have to pat myself on the back for it.

Now, I’ve also been going to these therapists (still) on a regular basis. As you’ve read, the physical one is pretty much easy since we are just doing physical therapy for a left-side too weak compared to a right-side really strong. It’s strong ’cause it shakes. “Why is the left so weak?” you may think. Well, I’m lazy. I just type. She wants to build my left-handed muscles. I’m not looking to build strong muscles on my left, because I have some already on the right. Ok, this physical therapy thing is just a “whatever”. It’s been 30 years and I know how this arm is just seeming to get better all the time after this surgery when I use it.

Okay, my Speech & Language therapist is being very helpful in pointing out “why” speaking or thinking of the real words that I want can just… take too long. I have trouble thinking of my words I need to say and the things we do are still hard and I need to really work at it to “maybe” get these words out of my mouth. It’s stupid that I just can’t think of these words to say. Need to keep working on thinking about what to say as long as I need or JUST STAY QUIET.

I have to do both therapies on Wednesday this week. Just the Speech & Language one again on Friday.