And…. The FOURTH time.

Saw the Neuropsychologist for testing this morning. Just as I’ve previously explained about this tests I’ve taken, this one was… well… very close to the others. I recognized this as being the same as testing that I’ve done before.

The counting is easy to do… when I use my special way of counting numbers/letters that are spoken to me. “…put your fingers on the table and DON’T move them….”

(sure…. Don’t need to move fingers to count with them…)

Then there was the one about having a large story read to me, and describe what the whole thing was about back to her. The problem with that one is… that thing called: short-term memory. She would tell a long story, but I wouldn’t be able to remember much about what was just told to me.

Maybe I just didn’t enjoy the stories? Maybe? I’ve heard better….

Ah! There was this last one that I did and it was just too easy for me. Had four cards laid on the table in front of me with each card having a picture on it.

Square. Circle. Star. Triangle.

Each card has one a different number of shapes (3 squares or 2 triangles or 4 circles…. you understand.) The shapes on the card were one of the four colors.

Basically, she said “start”. Then, I took a card from the pile next to me and I had to decide if we were matching numbers, shapes or colors. I’d lay one down below one of the cards shown and she would say “yes” or “no”. After one or two cards that I laid down, I had it figured out. Then she said “change” and I would have to find a different way to match the cards. SHAPE or COLOR or NUMBER of images shown.

Heck, that last one was WAY too easy for me. The others…. not so much.

Yes, let us evaluate MY BRAIN


That’s right, today is the day that I had to have that thing done to my brain again.

You know, that one test…

No, the other one…

Well, that thing I typed about doing? Ya know? Doing one of those… Neuropsychological Evaluations.

Ugh. Been there, done that…. this is number three

THAT is not the MOST ENJOYABLE thing in the world, but doing the 2nd or 3rd… is better than the 1st time! A couple of hours is better than all day.

“OK OK OK….. Self, stop the complaining and start the explaining to the readers as to what happened.”

The whole thing started when I arrive into the “small testing room” and sit across from the testing lady with the testing table between us. (This seems sooo very familiar to me. As if I actually remember doing this before.) The tough testing lady starts to thoroughly test the item between the ears in my head. Test, after test, after test, after… It goes on and on. The BRAIN between my ears is asking…


But then…. that Brain starts to recognize something. This is the EXACT SAME test as was given to me last year at this time. Also the SAME one as was given when I FIRST STARTED all this testing of my brain before surgery. I can remember THAT! It’s that LONG TERM MEMORY that my brain hasn’t many problems with. I can remember the correct answers from then! Ah-ha! (Funny, but true.)

Ah… This wasn’t the truth with everything. I don’t need to type about those… But, there was one that I did remember the “trick” I came up with to remember the answers. Am I sharing anymore about this with anyone? Uh, no…. Well…. Still able to count with unmovable fingers. Fingers I have to put atop the table into a fist, just to show that I am not using them…. physically. You just figure out the rest I did with my eyes closed….. 😉

ENTIRE SCORE? Uh…. I’ll have that later on when I get it. But, as they informed me, it’s better than last year.

That’s all that matters.

Hmmm…. I guess it’s time to escribe en español? (Spanish)

My Brain: <yawn> I did not sleep well last night.

A Different Part of My Brain: Why not?

My Brain: I don’t know…. I forget….

Got up this morning and had something on my list that I needed to do… Monday…

What do I do on Mondays….? …uh…oh, I gotta go see my Psych Lady.
Mmmmmm…. oh, yeah.

Psych Lady: OK! Today we are going to go to “blah blah blah” to eat. (I don’t remember what she said)

Already-thought-about-the-subject Self: I believe we should go to that Smashburger and eat inside of THEIR building, just like we did last time.

Psych Lady: Uh… ugh. I am not appreciative to enjoy Smashburger, but I guess I can lower my expectations and allow you to make the decision because you are the master in command.

Happy-for-the-understanding Self: Yes. And you know the directions to the location. Lets go.

Climbed into the vehicle… Eeeeeerrrrrrrr……. Skidded away and around the corner from the beginning location. We arrived successfully at SMASHBURGER. Hmmm…

So, we ordered… And talked… And spoke… And ate… And drank… And…. na, that’s about it.

I’m pretty sure, but maybe not 100% sure, that I’ve posted on here about the Evaluation I’m having.

Yes. One of those Neuropsychological Evaluation things. Had one of those things last year. Now, to compare, I will do it again in a couple of weeks.

What do I personally think? I think I’ve gotten “better in the brain” since then. We’ll have to just wait and see…

Cognitive Testing Results

I have the results of the cognitive testing that I finished a couple weeks ago. Very long and informative evaluation. Many “big words”. Not too many things that I didn’t already know. My memory sucks. Compared to the last time I’ve had this evaluation, this one came out slightly lower. Could be because of age, or other things. They say that I should be living my life the way I already do by having a structured routine and relying on a smartphone to aid in my daily activities.

The evaluation goes on and on for 8 pages, but that’s the main things in a nut-shell.

Cognitive Testing

Well I finished the cognitive testing today. That wears you out having to do the deep thinking and remembering all day. I don’t know the outcome. I didn’t finish my 500+ questionnaire that I was working on at the end. I told the Doctor that I’d be at the hospital on the 8th anyway and I could finish it then while I’m sitting around doing nothing for seven days.

Type later.