PET Scan

Okay. Just got done and home from the PET Scan and now I feel radioactive and glowing. LOL

Got to the hospital, signed in and went back to a small room where everything was explained to me. Then, the room was darkened and I sat there for a good 10-15 minutes. This was to “relax” my brain while a pharmacists in the next room mixed together a radioactive substance.

The guy came back and gave me the shot of the radioactive stuff. It was funny, the shot that he was holding had a lead cover around it to keep himself safe from the radioactive liquid that he was shooting into my body!

“What about me? Am I going to glow forever?”
“Trust me, you’ll be fine. Just wait here another 10-15 minutes in the dark and I’ll let you sit in the waiting room with the TV.”

I sat there (luckily not glowing) and waited. Afterwards, I waited in the next room 30-45 minutes and watched Judge Judy and the news. Then the guy came back and walked me down the hall to the scanning machine.

Okay. A PET Scanner looks like a MRI except that the tube is much smaller. You cannot move in this thing if you wanted to. I laid on the table and he actually put straps over my body to make sure I wouldn’t move and/or get away. Pushed me in and off it went.

An MRI machine is the loudest damn thing in the world and they give you ear plugs to wear when do those. This PET Scan was silent and I was in there for about 20 minutes. Pretty easy stuff. I was about to fall asleep when the guy pulled me out and said I was done.

That was simple. Talking to the doc on Friday and Monday is Fun-Day.