Learned something last night

I have to tell you, if you have to get a Video EEG sometime, then you should not wear dark colored clothes at night. Sleeping in a hospital room with probes on your head connected to wires while being watched on camera 24/7. The lights always have to be on all the time so the cameras can see you. The dark clothing makes the dim lights hard to see you, so the lights cannot be lowered. Bright lights! Bright lights!

Day 4

It has finally hit me: I am bored out of my mind with sitting in this room and doing nothing at all. Nothing new happening today. More Chipolte from my awesome wife.

Still no seizures so far… Just bugging the shit out of the nurses while they do the same to me.  🙂

Day 3

Still here at KU Med Hospital.
Room 8802.

Talked with my doctor this morning and he asked if I had any seizures yet. Nope. He told me not to worry about it. Might have to stay here for up to 10 days to get the seizures that are needed. Today he’s having me take half my meds as usual. Hope this starts my seizures…

Finally got a sponge bath. 🙂 The young nurse came in and asked what kind of a bath I wanted; warm wet towels or some kind of blow up tub (I think that’s what she was describing). I thought I’d be good and just wash myself with the towels. I did get cleaned up and put on clean clothes. Oh, this feels so good.

Well, I did something stupid today. I was hot headed and just thought I could stand up and use the bathroom myself. Not supposed to because I might have a seizure and fall, but I thought I could still do it. There’s a button strapped to my bed’s side guard thing that I have to press when I have a seizure. At that time, all the nurses outside will (literally) run in my room to inject me with the fluid for the SPECT scan. So, I wanted to use the restroom myself and I carefully unhooked myself from the bed and lowered the side guard. Well that hit the button and started the alarm to have the people run to my room. I held up my arms and apologized for hitting the button. They were laughing in the hallway after that. One of the nurses fell head first to the ground when she jumped up to run. They said it was good practice for them, BUT I CANNOT USE THE BATHROOM MYSELF.

For some reason, they put another camera in my room that is pointed to my bed, just like the first one. Don’t know why. Maybe they will watch me more carefully and make sure I don’t leave the bed??  😛

Okay okay okay… So when my friend got here, I needed to use the restroom again and I told that person to be careful because I set off the alarm last time. What happens? We set it off again. Again the nurses were there in a flash. Again I apologized. I think when I finally do have a real seizure and press the button, they will be thinking I accidentally hit it again. Hope not.

Still haven’t had any seizures. Bummer. :-\

Day 2

Well, not a whole lot different today than yesterday. No seizures yet. The doc today said he wanted 5 or 6 before I leave. I did happen to hear the alarm button pressed for another room. These nurses run fast when that happens. They need to get there quickly so that can insert the substance into the body to get ready for a SPECT scan.

These student nurses are nice to flirt with.  🙂

I plan to stay up as late as I can just to help get myself to have a seizure. Hadn’t been working hard enough on getting seizures. Need to work and study more.

I have these comfortable things on my legs that inflate and deflate with air. I know they have a real purpose, but I just think it feels good on my legs.

Guess I’ll just lay here like I have been since yesterday and watch TV all night…