First of all, I’m sweating like crazy because my AC is out, but that’s another story…

Got through to the doctor and spoke with her. She said the main docs are still out and to just wait. Trust us, we’ll call you… But she did have some info. One of the questions I was having for them was if I needed to have a “intracranial grid”. I was hoping that I wouldn’t, but she said that it was decided that I would. What is a intracranial grid? Well, hmmm… What is the best way to explain this?

The intracranial grid, or iEEG, is similar to the EEG or Video EEG that I’ve had in the past. An EEG is where probes are placed on the head to measure the electrical pulses of the brain. When I had the video EEG, they were enticing me to have a seizure so they could measure that. NOW… the intracranial grid is done by opening and folding back the skull to expose the brain and put the probes directly on the brain. They also need to make me have a seizure.

Blah blah blah… yadda yadda…  It’s WAY too hot in this house to type.

My doctor also told me to STOP reading about what they are going to be doing and especially stop watching YouTube videos on this stuff. GET A HOBBY. Is basically what she said.

So, it’s hot, I’m tired and I need a cold shower. Later.


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