Heard from KU Med

KU Med contacted me and let me know that I would not need another MRI before the surgery. Before they had said that they wanted me to have another one to make sure they have a good picture of the damaged area. After looking closer to the MRI scan already done, it was decided that another MRI was not needed.

I’ll need a blood test at my pre-op and will have to sit down with a pharmacist to discus meds that I can and cannot take.

Asked about the time-span in the hospital and the they said the 1st surgery of drilling the 6 holes and putting the things on my brain will last about 2 weeks to wait for a seizure to happen. When that does happen, I can go ahead and have the 2nd operation which will be the operation on the brain itself. After that, I stay in the hospital 3 more days.

I hope I explained this good enough. Trust me, I didn’t understand when my doctor explained it to me the first time either. I will be in the hospital the entire time between the first and second operations. The second operation is all set after I have my seizure with the probes covering my brain, not before then. Still, it is not set of stone as to if I will have this second operation. If the docs/surgeon don’t feel the second surgery is 100% safe and might effect other things (sight, etc.) then they will not go through with it. I’ll wait for another way to help me a few years down the road.

Over 2 weeks in the hospital. I do like Chipotle , but I may not be up to eating burritos. The side holes are going to be right at my jaw muscles and I may not be very up to opening my mouth, at least the first few days or so. Have to wait and see…

One thought on “Heard from KU Med

  1. So they’ve “seen enough” already – sounds good. And with two weeks don’t forget your razor this time!……..



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