Meeting with Neurologist…

Met with the doc today (finally) and had questions answered. This is how it is. Serious time, folks…

It’s gone from two operations to three. And I’ll most likely be in the hospital for 20 or so days. Now, let me explain:

Originally, it was thought that the brain damage was just in one area deep within the brain on the left lobe. After all the MRI scans and such, this doesn’t look to be all there is. Where there seizures start is not in a perfectly set area. There is “scar tissue” and deep bleeding (I call it a scab) from the trauma that is evident. The entire left temporal lobe of the brain is “smaller” than the right due to years of seizures.

The original drilling spots of “near the front”, “sides” and “near the back” are not going to be used anymore. Still six holes, but the side ones are going to be higher in the skull just to be safe. Do not want to drill on the side and “puncture” the areas that have the scar tissue. This might cause me to be paralyzed.

I was thinking that it was going to only have to be just one seizure and then on to the next thing, but they want a few seizures (fun, fun). Once I have a few seizures, I was thinking we were doing the brain surgery. Now I find out that the second surgery being done is another opening to put more probes in. This time, they are going to take a slice out of the top of my skull to make a larger hole and put probes there. This is done to find more precisely the focal point as to where the seizures are beginning. Need to have a few more seizures too.

From the tests that were done, it was surprising to find out that my memory is being controlled on the left (damaged) side as opposed to the right. The seizures I’m having, that cause the left lobe to shrink, is the reason my memory is bad. This brain surgery may have worsening effects to my memory. Grrrr….

Still, if EVERYTHING is looking good and the doctors/surgeon feel it to be safe, I’ll go ahead and have the brain surgery. Still have a ways to go before then, but I’ll be in the hospital for the next 20 or so days starting on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Meeting with Neurologist…

  1. Please do keep us up to date. We will be praying for you on this end and want to hear how you are doing!! I’m glad to hear you all have a lot of support; you can’t have too much, that’s for sure!!


  2. Hey there Bud, not sure if you remember me from way back in the day, but I found your blog through Adam. I live in KC and am a nurse at Research Medical. Anyways, just wanted to wish you the best in your surgery, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do, other than to send you positive vibes for answers & a speedy recovery. 🙂


    • Katie Emge…. That sounds so familiar. There on Facebook I had told people that if they wanted to help it would be great to get gas cards from QT for my wife to use to get back and forth from the hospital. Food cards would be great for my wife and 9yo just to help out, too.

      I’ll keep my blog updated the entire time I’m in the hospital. If I’m way too out of it to type, my wife will be doing it for me.



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