“What are you doing?”

I’ve been asked this a few times, so I thought I’d update everyone as to my current standings.

1. Where are you at now?

Last Friday (11/15), I came home with the 125+ staples in my head.

2. What’s next?

Tuesday (11/26) I am going back to KU Med to get these staples removed. That should be interesting.

3. What have I been doing while spending all this time at home?


4. What did the doctors tell me to do when I get home?

NOTHING! Relax and take it easy.

The next thing that will be happening after the removal of the staples: in January sometime is the next two surgeries. The first of the two is to slice and fold over a portion of the skull covering the left hemisphere. Then a larger EEG type map placed directly to my brain just on that side. This is to find precisely where the damage is located at. After the EEG map is placed onto the brain, the doctors want me to have another (I’m guessing) 3-4 seizures.

Once I have these seizures, I can have my third surgery. This will be the official cutting of the bad area out from my brain. All of this is done at one hospital stay.

One thing I learned from the last time I was in the hospital: the surgeon told me that my left hemisphere is significantly smaller than the right hemisphere. This is because of the 30 years of seizures. The doctors just kind of  shake their heads and wonder how I’m functioning so well as I have all my life.

2 thoughts on ““What are you doing?”

  1. Stay strong, as Carl and Charlene say the brain is a remarkable organ. You have lots of people pulling for you. Bob and Nancy Bleck



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