Clearer Thinking and Feeling Goooood….

As I wrote in my Two-Day entry from Two-Weeks ago, I am now on slightly LESS medication. Oooooh, yeah. This feeeels gooood.

I know that the majority of the people that read my blog may have no idea what it is like to lower medications I take, but just believe me when I tell you that “my brain” feels so much clearer. Why? With less of these side-effects, I can think more as a “normal person”.  I can think better about EVERYTHING again.

I was out-of-town last week and I didn’t have a chance to visit my psych and got home too late to be with her this week. (I know there are now tears coming from YOUR eyes, just as mine)

The ONE thing that isn’t fixed (and probably will never get better) is my “speaking normally” because I have a hard time at it.

YELLING is GREAT! (back of the brain is where that is done from)
Singing is Super! (very small portion of the brain directly in front of the YELLING part)

Speaking normally is using the “frontal portion” of the brain.
AKA- My f’ed up portion of the brain is where I just have a HARD TIME getting the words out like a normal person. Just sounds like crap.

So, I’m happy “enough” for the time being.

Oh, yeah…
I started a new book just last night!
“Is it good??”
I already have tears in my eyes….

So, I am personally … Feeling Happy for my Life Reading a Book and Crying … Wha??

I’ll tell you about the book LaTeR.

One thought on “Clearer Thinking and Feeling Goooood….

  1. You have come a long way Darren, you will get control of the speech also. Just Don’t Give up! ( I know you won’t give up 😜 )

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