Lowering of Medicine

Okay. Last month I was taking THREE pills of the medication that is getting lowered. At the beginning of this month, I’ve had it cut it down to TWO for January. In the past, I’ve always been able to “think” as well as anyone else, just unable to communicate.

NOW, with the slightly less of that med, I seem to speak from my mouth better without the raising of my voice to get all the words out. When a person yells, they are using the back portion of the brain. I’ve never had any problem with that. Normal speaking is done from the front of the brain, the portion of MY BRAIN that had the surgery and previous damage. My normal speaking has been disturbed with the MEDICATION!

So, now that I am lowering pills (thankfully, ONLY taken for seizures), I can easily say that I feel different. …..and this is just the first step.

One thought on “Lowering of Medicine


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