Six Months…

Visited the Neurologist today. The doctor asked how I was feeling, since being on this new med.

“I’m feeling good. It’s taken time to have my body and brain get used to this newest medication.”

When changing to a new seizure medication, it takes my brain and body time to get completely off the old and completely on to the new. At this time, I can easily say it’s taken me nearly a year to get through the change. But it has been worth it…

Next thing the doc was able to help me with, is filling out the paperwork to say it’s “okay” for me to finally (after nearly 12 years) get a drivers license. I’m not running out to get this tomorrow, or anything like that. I’m certainly not in any rush. I’ll need to have this doctor fill out these papers every year to say that I’m well enough to drive.

If this is what I have to do from now on, I’ll do it. At least I can get a license.

Now, taking the Drivers License test…. THAT is something that I haven’t done (what seems like) forever.


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