Today is a Two-Day on a Tuesday!

Ok… Ok… This is Tuesday and this is FIRST a….

Psych Appointment

Just the usual…. while eating lunch…

Psych: How have you been doing?
Me: I’m doing good…..

You know, the usual…

Then the SECOND thing is…

Neurologist Appointment

Ah… What did we learn there today?
Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of my Brain Docs….

Me: I’m doing good…..
Doc: Let’s start lowering the Meds.

At the first appointment, I was ASKED how I was doing.
At the second appointment, I was TOLD what I will be doing.

Ugh, I think I did these appointments backwards today…
Eh, what am I going to do now…?

I think I will give myself a nice “pat on the back” for the hard work.


Surgeon Appointment

I had an appointment to see my Brain Surgeon at the hospital today.

I asked another Doctor who came to check on me…

“So, is my Brain Surgeon busy doing someone else’s brain today, and this is the reason I am unable to see him at this time?”

“No, the Neurosurgeon is in China right now for a conference where he is speaking.”

WHAT? My Brain Surgeon would RATHER go to China, and speak to other people who (probably) don’t understand what he is saying, rather than meet with his success?

Okay…. So, at the end of the meeting that I was having today with a different Doctor, I was told that I had no reason to come back and “try” to see the surgeon again for anymore years. I was informed that the SURGEON’S job is ALL DONE and it all looks good.

I’m sure they meant.. DON’T try to come and see him again!

But I think that I WILL try.

All BRAIN SURGEONS just need to be visited on a regular basis, right? They want to observe the good jobs that they completed successfully? RIGHT?

I went ahead and set up another appointment for late next year, even though they said that I do not need to come back at all. But, then again, don’t you think I should go ahead and KEEP TRYING until I see him? RIGHT?

Is he going to stay around the office just to see me?  ….a year from now?

Mmmmm…. maybe. I’ll find out then…

Visiting the Doctors at the Hospital

Today is the day. The day for my important appointments at the hospital where I had my surgery.

First, in the morning, I saw my Neurologist and he talked about how happy he was. Happy to see me doing better and better in every way since the last time I had seen the him. I asked the doc about volunteering more than just one day per week, and he agreed that I should.

Woo Hoo! More volunteering!

NEXT…  in the afternoon, I had another doctor’s appointment at the same hospital. This was to see a NEW Psychologist. Interesting to talk with a different Psychologist. Explained everything I had been through from my prospective, and he was quite impressed with “my story” of everything I’ve been through dealing with… my brain surgery.

“That’s an impressive story! I’ll see you again in six months.”

So, today was a LONG day at the hospital, but it turned out easy and all good.

Hmmm…. I guess it’s time to escribe en español? (Spanish)

My Brain: <yawn> I did not sleep well last night.

A Different Part of My Brain: Why not?

My Brain: I don’t know…. I forget….

Got up this morning and had something on my list that I needed to do… Monday…

What do I do on Mondays….? …uh…oh, I gotta go see my Psych Lady.
Mmmmmm…. oh, yeah.

Psych Lady: OK! Today we are going to go to “blah blah blah” to eat. (I don’t remember what she said)

Already-thought-about-the-subject Self: I believe we should go to that Smashburger and eat inside of THEIR building, just like we did last time.

Psych Lady: Uh… ugh. I am not appreciative to enjoy Smashburger, but I guess I can lower my expectations and allow you to make the decision because you are the master in command.

Happy-for-the-understanding Self: Yes. And you know the directions to the location. Lets go.

Climbed into the vehicle… Eeeeeerrrrrrrr……. Skidded away and around the corner from the beginning location. We arrived successfully at SMASHBURGER. Hmmm…

So, we ordered… And talked… And spoke… And ate… And drank… And…. na, that’s about it.

I’m pretty sure, but maybe not 100% sure, that I’ve posted on here about the Evaluation I’m having.

Yes. One of those Neuropsychological Evaluation things. Had one of those things last year. Now, to compare, I will do it again in a couple of weeks.

What do I personally think? I think I’ve gotten “better in the brain” since then. We’ll have to just wait and see…

Visiting the Doc

On Friday, I visited my Neurologist. A doctor that I haven’t seen in 6 months. That is a good thing! <grin> Now he’s just checking on me to make sure he (and other docs) have done their job well.

One of the tests, which I am always given when I visit, is to check the short term memory. I am told three words to remember and asked several times throughout the meeting to repeat them back. This is the first time that I could repeat all three words successfully since after the surgery. Woo Hoo! Damn, that’s cool.  😉

In another 6 months, the consideration for cutting me back on one of my medications could be true. This is cool. Cutting back in medications (from my prospective) is less side effects. That’s all my life has been. A life of SIDE EFFECTS.

What else?

In the end of August, I will have another Cognitive Test with the Neuropsychologist. This test will be compared with the one done the year ago.

This had been a VERY POSITIVE VISIT. (he can pat himself on the back)