Visiting the Doc

On Friday, I visited my Neurologist. A doctor that I haven’t seen in 6 months. That is a good thing! <grin> Now he’s just checking on me to make sure he (and other docs) have done their job well.

One of the tests, which I am always given when I visit, is to check the short term memory. I am told three words to remember and asked several times throughout the meeting to repeat them back. This is the first time that I could repeat all three words successfully since after the surgery. Woo Hoo! Damn, that’s cool.  😉

In another 6 months, the consideration for cutting me back on one of my medications could be true. This is cool. Cutting back in medications (from my prospective) is less side effects. That’s all my life has been. A life of SIDE EFFECTS.

What else?

In the end of August, I will have another Cognitive Test with the Neuropsychologist. This test will be compared with the one done the year ago.

This had been a VERY POSITIVE VISIT. (he can pat himself on the back)

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