Okay, okay… TUESDAY.

You may be thinking this is another one of those… “Darren, you don’t usually do too much on a Tuesday” type of argumentativeness towards my doings. I am now thinking this may become an absolute “false” in the future. This was an ACTUAL visit to the local hospital to learn about and get signed up for the “Volunteer Services”. Ah-ha! (See, I told ya I was going to get this done someday!)  See??  See??

Attended the Introduction Class all morning just to mainly get the paperwork and an “understanding” of the whole volunteer system that gets done. I have to say that this is all very interesting from what was learned. It just allows you to volunteer once a week, either in the morning or afternoon. Morning would be good. I’m just “more alert” in the mornings. (asleep in the afternoon)

Need to fill out some paperwork and such, then get it back to the hospital to file. Then I would suspect that I would learn more or be wanted to start “watching other volunteers” do their work, like was told to the class. Whichever would be great.

Have to wait and see. Anyway, I had to get up WAY earlier than my usual time to attend. Type ya later. 😉

2 thoughts on “Okay, okay… TUESDAY.

  1. Awesome, hope they call you very soon, you would be great at this, shame it’s just one day a week..but it will be good and for those that will be blessed by you!!!!



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