This new surgery…..

Back in March, I was commenting more about how this right-hand of mine shaking too much was really bothering me. Welll…. It is either…

  • not shaking so bad.
  • not noticing it.
  • eh, just got used to it. Pretty much the same as not noticing. I mean, it shook bad before and now it just shakes “more” again. Maybe I’ve forgotten how much better it was?

Kinda leaning towards the “not so bad”, but I’m sure that I’ve gotten used to it.

Been sort of surfing through YouTube and found other people who have gone through the same new surgery I’m looking forward to. ……

Easiest way to say anything (like the surgery I’ve HAD BEFORE) is the outcome is not exactly the same for every person who has it done.

Two Hundredth Blog Entry??? (English)

Really? Two Hundred (200) entries have been done within this blog? Really? Really? Really?

Wow… That’s a few. Yes, I would like to thank that between-my-ears thing that has taken hours to put this together. To tell those items what to do. A Brain. That’s correct, I’m typing about MY BRAIN and that is what this blog was started for, if you didn’t know.

You “newer follower people” out there (I actually know there is), I run this for my brain surgery. Check the very beginning of last year. You’ll see me… before the surgery and then… well… after the surgery….

Just go read the dang thing!

Today it is just this thankful life that I live. Have a house. Volunteer at a hospital. Have money from the government.

Life is good.

My Brain Surgeon Visit


Today is Wednesday and I did… wait, wait… YESTERDAY was Wednesday and I did one of those “check-in with the Neurosurgeon” appointments. (you know, that check-in that EVERYONE does for the SAME REASON as me on a regular basis…)

What did the surgeon say today? Well…

  • “Everything looks good that was done by the surgery that I did. I can see this by how well your scar looks on the side of your forehead.” (Hard Work done by Him)
  • “You are doing a good job by how your hair is growing back cover the rest of your scars.” (Hard Work done by Me)

Ok ok ok…. May have been several things talked about there, but those are the MAIN ones to brag about. 🙂

Several other things he talked about and how he was so proud of the work he finished. (Not those exact words, but you know what I mean) 😉

He asked what I’ve been doing lately…

“Oh…. I’ve been riding my bike all over the place to…”

“While wearing a helmet to thoroughly protect that WORK that I FINISHED UP THERE????!!!!”

“Uh… I guess I could, huh? I mean, I have one. When I first got out of the hospital after you doing the BRAIN FIXING SURGERY, I wore one. But.. I kinda just… Hmmm… Forget to?”

“No. No. No. No….. WEAR YOUR HELMET! You are not just going to fall off a bike and screw up all that work I did for you!”

“Ok…. “


YES, I have a helmet. Do I enjoy wearing it? Not my favorite thing, but that’s true it needs to be done. :-/

When I came to my meeting, I “found out” that the party going there on was actually the Surgeon’s Birthday. Not really for me being there at all (ha ha). I bought a present to give him just for me to be a “nice guy” since it has been SO LONG since I had seen him. After learning about the Birthday, that’s exactly what my present becomes. A Birthday Present. 😉

This is a pretty nice present….

Featured image

Getting ready…

Almost have everything packed up for Thursday morning. Laptop… Notebook… Kindle… Yep, those are the important things.

There at KU Med, the color of your footsies let the nurses know if you can take yourself to the bathroom or not. Yellow is “no”, and I forget the other color because, well, I never get it. I’m bringing my own color: blue. I wonder if that will have any significance other than a laugh and a nurse taking them off my feet to put the yellow ones on?

Got all my zip-up hoodies all washed and ready to go. Can’t wear any regular shirts with wires out your head, so….