Two Hundredth Blog Entry??? (English)

Really? Two Hundred (200) entries have been done within this blog? Really? Really? Really?

Wow… That’s a few. Yes, I would like to thank that between-my-ears thing that has taken hours to put this together. To tell those items what to do. A Brain. That’s correct, I’m typing about MY BRAIN and that is what this blog was started for, if you didn’t know.

You “newer follower people” out there (I actually know there is), I run this for my brain surgery. Check the very beginning of last year. You’ll see me… before the surgery and then… well… after the surgery….

Just go read the dang thing!

Today it is just this thankful life that I live. Have a house. Volunteer at a hospital. Have money from the government.

Life is good.

One thought on “Two Hundredth Blog Entry??? (English)

  1. It has been a long road for you Darren, but with a lot of help from God, doctors, family & friends you are doing an awesome job with you life after surgery. Keep up the good work!

    Your GG friend Anne Jerome

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