Qo’noS friday malja’Daq! (Klingon)

Ah, it’s Friday again boys and girls and whatever else is reading/complaining about what is being referred to as words on a screen. OK! Lets move forward!

This Friday was a good one. WHY? Are we really this confused as to what day this is and to what happens on this day? I am OFFICIALLY at my new placement within the hospital. Removed from the doorway to wave, and in an office to file papers. LOVE IT! Doesn’t get much better. Well…. hasn’t been this good for a long time.

People may come into to the office and ask the lady up front for some help, and then there are chairs in the “tiny waiting area”. Behind the check-in area, that’s where I’m at. Surrounded by my many (not MINI) giant metal file cabinets. That’s what I do…. keeps me more entertained rather than sitting at home doing nothing!

File stuff. Sit in a chair to take a break. File more stuff…. Very Complicated.

Ah, today I saw my actual lady that is IN CHARGE of all the volunteer people. Hadn’t seen or spoken with her in quite awhile. She had brought in two people to get their pictures taken. They are volunteers themselves! Ah! That’s cool!

So, what is this one volunteer going to be doing? He is taking my spot at the location I used to be at! What? What? I asked her what was going to happen if I changed my mind and decided that I wanted my old spot back?

She told me, basically…. “Too bad, so sad. You have been moved, and now you are stuck. Period. The End.”

Oh. I guess if that’s it, then that’s it.

OK, different subject…  Today at lunch I sat at the usual table for volunteers. What did I eat today? Anyone want to guess on that one? Just my usual Large Salad plus a piece of pie. So, I ate my salad and while I did this I had this girl sitting next to me with “fruit pie that comes in a bag”. I kept trying to snatch it from her since she had commented that I got the WRONG dessert. Hmmm… She ate her’s and said she didn’t like that flavor.

What did I DO? I just walked back into the area to get one of those at a different flavor and made sure I went through the “other side” of the line. Different check-out lady.

Thus I got mine and went back to the table. Girl sitting next to me was like…

“Uh…. You can’t get TWO desserts! You’re not supposed to be able to do that!”
“Yea, you can’t if you visit the SAME check-out lady TWICE. Duh!”

hahaha…. But it was just funny. I assured her that my fruit pie was MUCH BETTER. (eh, it was okay)  😉


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