Visiting My Two Psych People…

Well, let’s do another Wednesday. Noon-time and I meet with the Psychiatrist lady that I’ve been seeing every one of these new Wednesdays (except last week). I sat and met with her. Talked with her. Had very good conversation. Ya-da ya-da… That was good in all places.


In the afternoon, I head over to the University Hospital (where the surgery was done) and saw the Psychologist guy. Hadn’t seen him for a few months. He and some others were quite impressed with me on how my current standings are doing.

How am I feeling? Great. The current changes I have felt lately (and the Psychologist had to agree), I am really feeling more wonderfully better than I have than awhile ago. Is it because Spring is getting closer? Maybe.

Could be good food…. maybe just discussions of such crazy things… This “might” be true, too. We’ll all have to wait and see.

I can just honestly say that I am feeling GREAT!!   🙂


On the last day of the year, I headed over to the hospital again (for the billionth time) to see my Psychologist. Not a Psychiatrist, but a Psychologist. Got it?

Just talked back and forth….  la la la….

And what does the Psychologist tell me? “You should need a Psychiatrist.” Oh, great…. Psych here.. Psych there..

Psych-ee the Brain. Okay.

So, I guess I’ll be doing that stuff down the road… someday soon. I just have to “find” one and “pick” one? Just as long as this person that I am talking to can understand… whatever… my stuff… brain… mmmmm…?

So, what’s been going on?

What is up with this “WHAT? I haven’t written for a month?” stuff? That’s just not right (write?).

Just trust me, I am still alive and still able to safely & correctly write into this media. The problems I seem to be showing that I have are no more than a change in everything I have been doing in the past. Discuss this? No. Not today.

Back to living… I got the new doctors over at the KU Med and have been very successful with them. Just had another appointment on Wednesday of this week and have chosen to start seeing a Psych in the town that I live in, rather than commuting the many miles all the way to the KU hospital where my surgeons are located at. This is going to be helpful.

Not too much else. I have had some very helpful communication with a long-time friend. This has helped in many ways.

I’ll stay more communicable (more often) once more exciting things happen that are worthy of communicating about. Right now, things are still going good and quiet. 🙂