Visiting My Two Psych People…

Well, let’s do another Wednesday. Noon-time and I meet with the Psychiatrist lady that I’ve been seeing every one of these new Wednesdays (except last week). I sat and met with her. Talked with her. Had very good conversation. Ya-da ya-da… That was good in all places.


In the afternoon, I head over to the University Hospital (where the surgery was done) and saw the Psychologist guy. Hadn’t seen him for a few months. He and some others were quite impressed with me on how my current standings are doing.

How am I feeling? Great. The current changes I have felt lately (and the Psychologist had to agree), I am really feeling more wonderfully better than I have than awhile ago. Is it because Spring is getting closer? Maybe.

Could be good food…. maybe just discussions of such crazy things… This “might” be true, too. We’ll all have to wait and see.

I can just honestly say that I am feeling GREAT!!   🙂

One thought on “Visiting My Two Psych People…

  1. Awesome! Good for you Darren. Keep it up.

    You GG friend Anne

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