Ah, the Psych Lady for THIS week

Got up early today? What? Something is wrong OR something is going on (could be both…). My “Psych Lady” appointment isn’t till Noon today, but yet my brain feels as if he just needs to awaken and refuse to sleep a bit longer. This would cause him to use the body to move him out of and away from the bed.

“C’mon, body. Get me out of this bed. We’ve laid around too often on Wednesdays before our important weekly thing we do. Get up now!”

“ok, Mr. Brain, ok…”

Well, 7 AM on a ‘weekday’ isn’t completely EARLY for a normal person. But, maybe it is for a person who lives in his own house and, uh, surviving after a brain surgery…. (uh, yeah yeah, I’m just going to use that as an excuse because I qualify. ) Does that type of excuse work everywhere? Eh, I’m sure it doesn’t.

Nevertheless…. Getting back to what I’m importantly writing about.

Up early. Ate a small bite for breakfast because, after rushing that one day, I felt I needed to be quick. I finished everything and was ready to go. I’m complete. Look at the time…. I still have 30 minutes before 11:00 (which is when I should call for a ride since my appointment is at noon, right?).

So, I mess around the house until 11:00. Right on the money. Was thinking (no really, I know how to think with this BRAIN thing) that I go ahead and should make that call for the taxi right away. No problem. Usually takes awhile for someone to get there. So, that’s what I do. Call and step outside. Then two minutes later, I have a taxi at my house. Oh, great. I’m going to be WAY too early. Whatever.

I begin speaking with the taxi guy while we drive away from my house. Notice a train going by while leaving the neighborhood. I tell him to stop for it and allow me to just use up the time by speaking to him and telling him my “story”. Train goes away, he drives me there and I go inside to wait for my appointment.

(I see now that the way I’m telling this story, it is going to take you awhile to read. With that understanding, just let me speed this up a bit.)

I didn’t get to see and talk with her till 12:20. First thing we did was WALK AROUND outside just because it’s nice (like always here in Kansas). Beautiful! Walked around buildings and dodged vehicles driving into the dining facilities that we passed. Better than sitting at her building the entire time. Went back and finished more of our talking. bla bla bla…. Finished at 1:20.

Mmmm… Ok. Now the taxi guy isn’t there anymore and waiting for me to get out of the building so he can take me home. Contact another one to come get me and I don’t get home till 2:00. I’m STARVING for lunch! Who am I? Who am I? I have to get on this computer and do “important things” there first. Right? THEN I will eat. Yada yada… I didn’t eat a small lunch till 3:30. Then… yada yada… I order Papa John’s for supper later.

I’m tired of this typing now…. We’ll be in contact again on a later date….


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