Ah… I actually did something…

Yes. I did something that is worth cheering about on a Thursday. Mmmmmm… Thursday. There’s a day I have (sadly) gotten “used to” as little as possible…

ok… ok… Wake up!

I was taking trips to several places around the area to get things done here and there. Refill the inventory throughout the complex of my house. La-de-da…. The one thing that is worthy of taking the time to write in the blog, and not just waste time, is to talk about finally going to the local hospital. There I obtained the paperwork needed for me to complete and mail back to the hospital to let them know I want to volunteer at doing things.

We’ll have to see how all that turns out. I’ll let ya know.

Wake up? I’m going back to bed……

One thought on “Ah… I actually did something…

  1. First step to a new adventure! Yea 😁

    Your GG friend Anne

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