Okay…. Done Reading!

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
by Jesse Andrews

Very good. That book was easy to read. VERY EASY. Had to be a teenage type book. I’m not a Master or anything at judging books, but this was an odd one by the way it was laid out on my Kindle screen. Didn’t care for that fact. Now, I’m getting into tech-stuff.

Two guys and one girl. All teenage. She’s VERY SICK. Well, that pretty much sums it up. The two guys are good friends. The girl is REAL sick with…. leukemia.

So, it’s a funny beginning and in parts…

but the ending…


I’ll type ya later.

Okay… Books….

Now we’re back to this again, boys & girls. Let’s see, what was I going to type in that subject today….?

Decisions! Yes, I’ve made a decision on that the book of…

Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein

I had made the choice to take a break from the previous types of books I’ve been listening to. BUT when I tried to “JUST LISTEN” to this dang thing, I wasn’t following it too much. I just decided and told myself…

“Self… this isn’t a type of audiobook you wanted to read in the first place…. Must. Stop. Eyes. Closing. While. Reading. Book. Into. Ears…”

Uh… Yeah… That’s a good excuse to skip this one right now.

Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body

Quite incredible what this guy has to go through. I’m not finished yet, but I’ll be done soon. Easy read for me, which is good. (And, no, it’s not about scary spirits and things like that…) PLUS, I’m actually READING using the two eyes with this one and not doing the “only listen” thing…

I think I’ll come right out and say it again today… I’m feeling incredible. Able to think great with this brain. It’s changing from the way it has felt in the past. I can tell from time to time that it’s different for me “almost” everyday. Is it because of changes I make in what I do? Mmmm, maybe. Everyday is just a better one for me. 🙂

Next book….

Finished that previous book pretty fast. It doesn’t seem like it sends out emails to let people know there has been such an entry update. Or, at least, I didn’t receive an email about the blog entry update. Eh, that’s okay. You can read the update of the previous entry itself now….

OK! Since I finished that other book pretty fast, I am reading (listening to) another book.

Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein

I just needed something “away” from my own and other peoples: surgical and hospital life/stories. This will “challenge” my brain. HA!

(and no loss of tears)

Eh, I can still read just fine. Just this book is pretty complicated at times and I wanted to “pay attention” as to what was happening.

Now, how am I feeling these days? Mmmmm… very good. Slept good and I had taken my son to the newest playground several blocks away. Quite the most interesting walk for both of us, but we made it in a significant amount of time. Impressive for the both of us.

Riding my bike to get my taxes done was quite interesting. It’s a “little” ways away. Especially for a person who has gotten used to sitting at home all day (no, really, I’m HEALING. It’s still an excuse.) Anyway, in one day, I had to ride the bike of mine back and forth from here to there (about a dozen times) just to bring and take papers that they needed at H&R Block. This was just a good day earlier this week. It gave me something to accomplish successfully.  🙂

ONE MORE THING… I already have my book after this one picked and bought. This person needed “strength”. I think I’ll need it when I read it….  But that’s the next book.