Next book….

Finished that previous book pretty fast. It doesn’t seem like it sends out emails to let people know there has been such an entry update. Or, at least, I didn’t receive an email about the blog entry update. Eh, that’s okay. You can read the update of the previous entry itself now….

OK! Since I finished that other book pretty fast, I am reading (listening to) another book.

Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein

I just needed something “away” from my own and other peoples: surgical and hospital life/stories. This will “challenge” my brain. HA!

(and no loss of tears)

Eh, I can still read just fine. Just this book is pretty complicated at times and I wanted to “pay attention” as to what was happening.

Now, how am I feeling these days? Mmmmm… very good. Slept good and I had taken my son to the newest playground several blocks away. Quite the most interesting walk for both of us, but we made it in a significant amount of time. Impressive for the both of us.

Riding my bike to get my taxes done was quite interesting. It’s a “little” ways away. Especially for a person who has gotten used to sitting at home all day (no, really, I’m HEALING. It’s still an excuse.) Anyway, in one day, I had to ride the bike of mine back and forth from here to there (about a dozen times) just to bring and take papers that they needed at H&R Block. This was just a good day earlier this week. It gave me something to accomplish successfully.  🙂

ONE MORE THING… I already have my book after this one picked and bought. This person needed “strength”. I think I’ll need it when I read it….  But that’s the next book.

One thought on “Next book….

  1. Interesting, keep the good work. I am reading “The Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell. It is a good book about Navy SEALS.

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