The book I’m READING….


(Yes, I stole this image from Amazon without the link back to them. Sue Me!)

Last night I read another chapter in my “Never Ever Give Up” book that I have started reading. Once AGAIN I am having this salty liquid falling from the pair of facial body part used for a specific reason. I don’t believe the reason has anything to do with this liquid falling, but I may be confused.

None the less, this is a good reading and “maybe” (hopefully) a more joyful ending than the previous book I read where I lost the large amount of liquid from my eyes as the pages turned. Well, listened to the story using the audio via the Kindle. I will see at the end how this one is going to end up since I am READING this, not LISTENING. 🙂

Not exactly the fastest reader, which is my own fault. Yes, I had that liquid pouring from my eyeballs through this thing pretty hard, but I survived. I did find there is quite a few YouTube videos about this girl out there. Had that liquid pouring from my eyeballs while watching the videos, too. I could see how a person might not fully understand the videos without reading the story and understanding everything happening.

Soooo…. What should I read next….

One thought on “The book I’m READING….

  1. It is ok if liquid pours out your eyes, that means the author did an awesome job writing their book. I may have to read this one to see what you are talking about.

    Your GG friend, Anne

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