Back to “Reading”….

This last book I mentioned on January 8th… eh, it’s… well… a bit complicated and my brain is just not working with the drastic changes per chapter… no.. more like, paragraph. Ugh.

NEW BOOK to read in my Kindle. Word-for-word by LOOKING AT THE PAGES (in my Kindle) WITH MY EYES. (Not being read TO me.) Not “complicated” at all. Because of the belief this is a worthy book that should be gracious of letting me read it, the book itself should be feeling happiness. None the less, let me tell you the title:

Never Ever Give Up: The Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars

Again, just as last book I completed, it is a true story. You might be asking…

“Mr. Darren, while you are reading this new book, are you having salty-water escape from those things on your face called eyes?”

Uh, yeah. Had one place where this was happening, but after turning the page and reading the words there, I was laughing because of a different something happening.

What was making me cry and laugh, and choosing not to tell? Maybe I just don’t want to give away the book OR maybe my memory isn’t here enough to remember that? I just remember the actions that were taken after reading…. something…


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