Round One done (by Sherry)

Darren was in surgery for nine hours. Right before the surgeon showed up the hospital had a code red (fire alarm) then the surgeon told me it would be six to seven hours. It took about three hours just to get the first two holes drilled.

We had a nurse assigned to us her name was Nancy. She came about every ninety minutes and have an update.

I was fine until about four in the afternoon. Then I got ancy about it all.

I got a call from Mary the PA to Dr. Uysal, while I was in the waiting room. That didn’t make sense so I went to the ICU nurse and tracked her down. Answered her questions and went back to wait for the surgeon. I missed him somehow, but I was in Darrens room. He was very puffy and could barely open his eyes they were so swollen and matted.

They finished hooking up his EEG leads and my Mom and I went to our house for a break.


His leads this time.

I headed back to the hospital to find his call light not being answered for awhile. I went and personally got the nurse. He was on a lot of pain in his head and neck. The nurse took forever trying to make a neck pillow for him. Finally and she brought pain med for his IV line.

About twenty min later he got nauseous. So after he calmed down again they have him his night meds. They almost gave him his lamictal again.I told the nurse he does not take that at night.

He is very restless and uncomfortable tonight. He keeps asking the nurse and I what time it is. He is being monitored on video like before. I don’t have twenty days I can take off from work and we don’t know what post OP will be like. So this is what we do while we wait for him to have four or five seizures before we go onto round two.

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