A long night indeed (by Sherry)

I returned to the hospital do keep an eye on Darren.

I soon learned that the anesthesiologist had given Darren a nerve blocker and it was starting to wear off.

He was so uncomfortable. We tried neck rolls and sliding him up higher in the bed, they even gave him an ice pack for his head, which he slept with for about an hour. Next they tried IV pain meds which last about 90 minutes. So they brought in pain pills next. Well….he would get very nauseated and throw up after taking them. He asked the nurse and I over and over “What time is it?” When we told him he would let out a disgusted sigh.

I guess it was about 3:30 he moaned in pain again but this time he complained of chest pains. They immediately did an EKG but it was normal. So they did some more blood work. He had his bed raised and finally got some sleep.

He shouted from his bed once “Hey! Did you put your word puzzle back in the freezer?” He asked me a second time so I answered “Yes” he closed his eyes and slept for about an hour.

The EEG chick was in first this morning and he opened his eyes when he heard her voice. He had come unplugged sometime but since there was no seizure last night, it was OK. She said the nerve blocker was given because his head was in different positions for each set of holes in his skull and he had to maintain each position for two hours at a time.

Next Dr Solomon who is with Dr. Camarata and was present during surgery came in. He is like a big lumberjack. He explained the nerve blocker too. They tested his strength and asked him what day it is. He passed!

Another doctor from Camarata group did the exact same thing.

Now nurse Jordan is with him. Gave him some fentanyl for pain. He has Hydrocodone in a cup but he isn’t staying awake long enough to take it.

They would like to move him to the regular floor later today.

We are waiting on Dr Uysal to come in and start weaning his meds.

Darren told me to blog “I have a headache.”


His pretty staples and rainbow leads.


They want him for an MRI this morning to check everything.

One thought on “A long night indeed (by Sherry)

  1. Oh my, what a trying night for you guys but sounds like everything went as planned. Wish you were closer so we could rotate in and out and give you rest. Prayers continue and sending all our love. Please tell Bud we love him!



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