Sleepy day Seizure #1 done (by Sherry)

After all the doctors and interns came through, they removed his catheter. Right away Dr. Uysal and Mary came in. There was a giant mess of his leads, so after much discussion, two EEG staff came back and spent about 90 minutes untangling him.

Dr.Uysal gave directive that his evening seizure med would be completely stopped tonight.

He needed an MRI. Occupational Therapy came in and helped him get dressed and get in the chair. When they sat him up he buried in the girls face. He got in the chair and the EEG person was trying to get a second camera rigged up. She was unsuccessful and left the room.

Twenty second later he started gulping for air and I thought it meant he was going to throw up again. I handed him his bucket. He pushed it away and started convulsing. It lasted about 2 minutes. I pushed the video button but forgot to push the nurses button.
He was so disoriented. They asked him his name Darren Long he said. (great) then they asked when is your birthday? Darren Long, he said. What year were you born? He replied Darren….Long…darn lasagna. Dirty lazy. Then his words mumbled off to silence. He was so groggy. It took about an hour and a half for him to be able to answer correctly.

1:45 pm I am getting ready to leave and they move him back to his bed where he burped in the girls face again. Then they say he it’s next for an MRI. The Social Worker came in and talked to us. Dr. Camarata stops in. He was waiting on the MRI. They also want him to eat. I suggested his favorite lactose free yogurt. Camarata said go get some!

I left while they were taking him off the monitor so he could get his MRI.

I picked up our son from school and took him to his bowling league and supper, then took him to scouts. Took a quick shower and stopped by the store for the yogurt and I got him some Oatmeal Creme Pies and there was an accident on I-35 I sat for an hour there. Finally got back to hospital, he was gone! They were finishing up his MRI. He apparently kept getting bumped.

They wheeled him into the room and he said “This is a new room!!!”

We explained the day to him. He was a lot more coherent and he went to the bathroom with help and them his headache returned. They gave him some pain meds and antibiotic and he and I slept in 3 hour intervals.


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