I’ve been wearing this Star Wars winter hat to cover my head while I go outside to protect my head. One reason is because after I had these staples removed, I have a small scab on my left side above the ear. The lady that cut the staples out told me to watch that and be careful. If the scab does happen to come off, don’t worry about it unless stuff starts oozing out. If that happens, go to the ER. Oh, great.

So…. You want to guess what happens when I pulled off my hat this morning? Sherry tells me, “uh, that scab is gone and it looks nasty. But, it’s not oozing!”

Thank God for no ooze. She got the Peroxide out and started putting it on. She told me to go to the bathroom to look at it myself. Honey, I can’t anything in a mirror with this thing above my ear. I finally told her to take a picture and let me see it that way. Looking at the picture, I can just about see the other wall through the hole. 😉

CAUTION: You may not want to look at this if you are eating.



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