Emergency Room

Sunday night, Sherry was removing the gauze from the left side of my head where the “wound dehiscence” (picture from November 28) was covered. When the gauze was removed, it pulled the scab out of it. Not a pretty sight. This was a bit before 10 o’clock and we decided that I should to go to the emergency room. If I do, we had instructions to go all the way to the KU Med to make sure that I am taken care by people that know of my situation.

So, got to the hospital and checked in at about 10:45. About 1:45, we were told that we were next and had 30 seconds till the room was ready. Just then a trauma came in and took that room. My 30 seconds were gone! Whatever, we’ll wait. Then we were finally led back to a room at 2:40 where I had three different doctors come in at separate times and I flashed them the hole in my head. They each looked, stepped back and said that they needed to wait for the of the Neurosurgeon’s team that in the hospital at the time to come take a look at the hole in my head.

About 5:45, the Neurosurgeon’s team member showed up to take a look at the hole. He was throwing around ideas of things that may have to be done, such as stitches or taking me back into the operating room. Eh… He wasn’t for sure what he should do. So, he took a picture of the hole in head with his phone and sent it to the main neurological surgeon’s phone and he called him at home. The main surgeon basically just said to keep it clean and change the dressing twice a day because he’s thinking it’s going to heal itself from the inside out. Well, this is exactly what we were doing all this time.

So, we spent ALL this time at the hospital and were just told to keep doing what we were already doing. Did a prescription for an antibiotic, which happened to be the exact same one I was on before and had just run out of. I guess sitting around all night at the hospital just to get a refill of that was the about all I got.

I finally did get appointments set up on Monday. I see the Neurosurgeon on Wednesday this week, have my MRI on the 30th and see my Neurologist on the 3rd. That’s where I’m at right now. Need to cut these dang hospital bands off my wrist again. I’m getting a pretty good collection of those.

One thought on “Emergency Room

  1. Bless your heart, hang in there darling, sending ((hugs)) and prayers, love you! Glad you got to come home, that’s a good thing!



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