Christmas seizure…

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. My family and I did. Sherry and I were watching TV around 8:00 or 8:30 and I felt an aura. When these happen, I can’t talk but I look over to Sherry and make eye contact with her and she knows what is happening. Smaller ones (just auras) that I have more often, come to me and pass fairly quickly. This time the aura came on and turned into a full-fledged seizure that lasted about 5-minutes, which seems like an hour. After the seizure was over, it took my body a good 10-15 minutes to fully relax back to “normal”.

I feel much better today.

I’m still having the MRI on Monday the 30th and seeing my Neurologist on Thursday the 2nd. Hope I don’t need to write about another one of these seizures again soon.

2 thoughts on “Christmas seizure…

  1. It’s amazing to me that you know when these auras are coming on.You’re such a strong person to know what to do.I admire your ability to handle these situations……….We pray for your recovery and seizure free………..Yes,we had a great dinner at the hall.What an wonderful extended family we have here……….Blessings to you all…



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