Doctors Appointment

I saw my Neurologist today. I had actually publicized that the appointment was supposed to be on Thursday. But, whatever. Saw the doctor, and I got to see images of my brain from the MRI scan on Monday. Interesting. I’ve seen such images of my brain before, but the doctor wanted to make sure there wasn’t any shown damage of my pulling the cables from my head while I was in the hospital before. Luckily, there was not any damage shown.

First of all, there is another patient that is “in line” before me. So, I can’t just hop in tomorrow and get this done. On the 20th, the surgeon is out of town and will be back on the 23rd. So, the surgery will either be on the 23rd, 24th or 27th. We are waiting till next week on either Tuesday or Thursday to get a call with a decision of the best date to go forward with the surgery. The Neurologist is also leaving to go to Turkey on Valentines Day, so he wants to make sure I get in and out before he leaves.

6 thoughts on “Doctors Appointment

    • Not really. We discussed this surgery while I was there and he admitted that he did not honestly know exactly what portion to remove until I get back into the hospital so they can put a grid on my brain and wait for me to have more seizures. He explained the the seizures may be coming from the damaged area of my brain, or they may not. If they are not, the seizures may be coming from a place that is “close” to the damaged area and removing the damaged area would not make any difference. They’ll have to remove that portion instead. So, based upon all of that, I can’t even tell you the exact place that is going to be removed yet.


    • That might be true. I’ll have to look it up too. I have a lesion at the damaged area and the surgeon tells me that he will really need to be careful because of that. He said that touching the lesion in any way can cause paralyzation. Sooooo…..



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