You have to be kidding me….

This morning I got the official call from the surgeon’s office to confirm that I will be coming in tomorrow morning for my pre-op.

“Darren, we have you down for your 8:30 tomorrow morning for pre-op of the surgery next Thursday.”

“Yep. I’ll be there.”

“One more thing: the surgeon has requested that you come in at an earlier time so you can have a MRI before the surgery. So, instead of coming in at 9:00 and the surgery at 11:00, you will need to come in earlier.”

Do you know how many MRI’s I’ve had over the last year? Do you really think there’s been any¬†difference at all between them? I’m thinking that they just accidentally delete them over and over again and I just have to keep going back and replacing them.

In fact, I just had a MRI a couple weeks ago….

5 thoughts on “You have to be kidding me….

  1. You don’t know me, but May will be 4 years since my brain surgery. While the road has been rocky at time, I can tell you that my faith in Jesus Christ has carried me through some steep challenges and He is still giving me more grace than I ever thought I would need. My story can be found here and I pray it helps you through yours.

    I am sure we can find a way to chat if you feel you need to. My contact info should be available through my blog listed above.




  2. Bud I love you and you are in my thoughts and prayers, wish you were closer so I could come sit with Sherry and be there for you. I’m with you in spirit, prayer and thoughts darling and sending lots of love and hugs to you. I love you!


  3. Maybe you need to tell them that you want copies every time you have an MRI………I started doing that with Dave(my husband) when I felt they were duplicating things.The doctors told me that their are so many types of MRIs but I insisted they look over what they had and in some cases they found what they were looking for….Just another thought………..Prayers with you always


    • I’m not all that worried about it. It just gives me something to whine about. My last one was December 30th. I do know it wasn’t a total one. Just a “small” one.



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