Did the PreOp today. No big deal. Had some blood drawn, which I didn’t do last time. I did figure out the times for the MRI before the surgery which will be 6:30. Check in there at 6:00. Then go up to surgery check in and wait…

I counted my MRI’s today. The official number of MRI scans that I have had within the last year, plus this one, will be….. drum roll please…. 9! I will have had 9 MRI scans.

125 Staples.

Three Spect Scans.

One Wada.

One Pet Scan.

One Cognitive Test.

Now I’m scratching my dented head to think of what else….

You have to be kidding me….

This morning I got the official call from the surgeon’s office to confirm that I will be coming in tomorrow morning for my pre-op.

“Darren, we have you down for your 8:30 tomorrow morning for pre-op of the surgery next Thursday.”

“Yep. I’ll be there.”

“One more thing: the surgeon has requested that you come in at an earlier time so you can have a MRI before the surgery. So, instead of coming in at 9:00 and the surgery at 11:00, you will need to come in earlier.”

Do you know how many MRI’s I’ve had over the last year? Do you really think there’s been any difference at all between them? I’m thinking that they just accidentally delete them over and over again and I just have to keep going back and replacing them.

In fact, I just had a MRI a couple weeks ago….


Went to KU Med today for my Pre Op. That was the shortest trip that I can think of being at KU Med. Got there, signed papers, flirted with the cute admin lady, got blood drawn, asked questions, said I was healthy, told me about when/where to be on the 4th and that was about it.

Then I went home and ate a “Chicken-Fajita-Burrito with Brown Rice, Hot Sauce, Sour Cream and Cheese” at Chipolte.  😉