Yep! He Is AMAZING!! (by Sherry)

No meningitis and his pain has been reduced although he will have pain for awhile.

Met with the new neuropsychiatrist for awhile this morning. He worked Darren’s memory hard today. We were even having problems remembering answers. He will see Darren again in 6 months for another round of cognitive testing.

Saw the Epileptologist today and really everything he warned us about regarding Darren’s memory has happened. We discussed this in great length before he started all of this process and again this summer we discussed this. Here we are. You know what? This is where we are at. It is not permanent. It will get better. It may take from 6 months up to 2 years. He will not improve overnight.It will take work and Darren knew that. Another reason to praise his efforts in this journey and more importantly his medical staff! Thank you for believing in this process and not giving up on all the things we ran into along the way that made us stop and wait. Thank You for your gifts and talents in this field, thank you for everything!

They let me transport him to the rehab facility.


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