Second Full Day of Rehab (by Sherry)

Darren’s second day of rehab was “everything” he said. They started his day by getting him up at 7am. He met with the Psychiatrist and the Occupational Therapy and the Physical Therapy and Speech. He is aware of his memory loss.

Darren ate breakfast and lunch with the same two men from yesterday at their table.

When we arrived they had moved him to a different room because he has a chair alarm and a bed alarm. I guess he is a wanderer.

He said taking a shower last night felt great. He thought he had washed his hair though.

Darren had a really bad headache again but after taking meds and sitting quietly for awhile he perked up. He watched two episodes of “Honey Boo Boo” and he said “Oh these are reruns – remember this episode.” It was good to hear him laugh.

No one has spoke to me about the plans for his stay. I am contacting the RN we spoke to at the hospital about this.

He does not remember his parents being there on Tuesday. He did remember his son and I being there yesterday. He was really worried that we wouldn’t come tomorrow. I reminded him that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and of course we would be there. He said “well, can’t do anything about that.”

Darren said he felt OK and that where he is staying is OK. He knows it is for a short time. He was more aware of things tonight.


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