ok… ok… OK!

OK, I’m back to blogging-ing again…

“Oh… I am feeling so much better that he is back to his blogging. I can feel my days going by better and better…”

Uh-huh… sure…..

So, it’s another Friday. Can we tell what happens on a Fri-o-Day? Well, it is time for…

anybody… anybody…

Yes! Hospital Volunteering!

Today was a bit more “exciting than normal”. I was expecting less with the heat and “chance of” rain, but the people just showed up normally. I’m getting used to pointing people around the corner for serious questions. Others, I can handle…

“How do I get to the other building?”
“Go outside and walk to that building, or go over there and walk the hallway to the main building.”

NOW, what did I learn today?  “DING! DING! DING!”  THIS is what we have ALL been waiting for! Spoke with the Main Lady of Volunteering. She told me that next week she will give me a call about my NEW POSITION. She explained the whole thing to me, but I’ve already forgotten the…. whatever that thing I’ll be doing is.

“I’ll call you next week. Is there a good day?”
“Monday is bad. (you readers know… it’s psych lady…) But any other day is cool.”
“OK. I’ll call you next week and we’ll set something up.”


Wait…. Wait…. Wait… I forgot to explain the best part of the volunteerism today!

I had my son with me today because he wanted to come. Kind of didn’t explain last Friday (the 17th) just because I had my son helping me. He was”learning” a few things along the way and we didn’t do too much for 4 HOURS…

This Friday was…

“Dad, I want to help.” 

Throughout a day, I have people ask where places are. All I could ever do is just point the direction or kinda start them by telling where to go and asking from there. My son, on the other hand, was wanting to walk people to where they needed to go.

“Go for it. Knock yourself out. I’ll be right here whenever you get back.”

I pointed on the map where to go, but he never took one with him.

He’d come back… Said he made it all the way there (and obviously all the way back between two buildings).

“ooooooook, if you say so…..”

Later I had a lady roll by and going out the door. She told me that my son was so nice and helpful with what he did for her.

So, I guess he could watch that door next time and I’ll take a nap. Hahaha….


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