Feeling good.

Days ago, I mentioned about the “changes” that I have felt with the lowering of the medication. Today, I’m feeling that… well… I’m comfortable with this change.

It’s always been this way: My medication changes……my thoughts and feelings are different throughout this brain.

Same thing this time. Already to the point where I have become used to the different, positive thoughts and feelings throughout the brain and body…..so far, for this month.

This is ALL good right now and I still only have this (1 pill per night) until the end of February. Then that prescription is gone.


I have two medications left that I take. These I cannot get off for another reason I take them. What I need to do is find medication(s) that will only be good for that reason, and not needing to take them for seizures anymore.

I will keep going. I will make it. 😉

One thought on “Feeling good.

  1. Awesome Darren, yes you will make it! We are all so proud of what you have accomplished!!!

    Your GG Friend Anne

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