Feeling good.

Days ago, I mentioned about the “changes” that I have felt with the lowering of the medication. Today, I’m feeling that… well… I’m comfortable with this change.

It’s always been this way: My medication changes……my thoughts and feelings are different throughout this brain.

Same thing this time. Already to the point where I have become used to the different, positive thoughts and feelings throughout the brain and body…..so far, for this month.

This is ALL good right now and I still only have this (1 pill per night) until the end of February. Then that prescription is gone.


I have two medications left that I take. These I cannot get off for another reason I take them. What I need to do is find medication(s) that will only be good for that reason, and not needing to take them for seizures anymore.

I will keep going. I will make it. 😉

I’m doing great!

I can really see that this lengthy recovery time is getting better and better. This is outstanding. I am absolutely better and better EVERYDAY. It’s crazy, but true. Everyday I am feeling better, thinking better, better everything.

It’s taken QUITE AWHILE to feel this good, and I’m still not 100% (back to normal) yet. Near that, not all there yet.

Feeling great? Hell yeah.

As far as that brain-pain that I had on the frontal-left.. gone.

Ability to think correctly? Now… At this very date, it is like this: I can usually think “it”. Just can’t communicate “it” out my mouth easily. Being just in a better manner of speaking/typing is my beginning. Think better, communicate better.

Went to meet with the surgeon last week. He was impressed. (Giving himself a pat on the back?) I have to agree, he did a good job. 🙂