I’m doing great!

I can really see that this lengthy recovery time is getting better and better. This is outstanding. I am absolutely better and better EVERYDAY. It’s crazy, but true. Everyday I am feeling better, thinking better, better everything.

It’s taken QUITE AWHILE to feel this good, and I’m still not 100% (back to normal) yet. Near that, not all there yet.

Feeling great? Hell yeah.

As far as that brain-pain that I had on the frontal-left.. gone.

Ability to think correctly? Now… At this very date, it is like this: I can usually think “it”. Just can’t communicate “it” out my mouth easily. Being just in a better manner of speaking/typing is my beginning. Think better, communicate better.

Went to meet with the surgeon last week. He was impressed. (Giving himself a pat on the back?) I have to agree, he did a good job. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m doing great!

  1. Awesome Bud! Glad that other things in your life right now have not pulled you down. Keep up the good work, it does pay off. Your GG friend Anne

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  2. So happy for you to hear all the good news. A young man with such determination helps in the recovery….you have good people in your life to be there for! Keep it going. Prayers are still with you.


  3. Been wondering how you were doing.So happy,but not surprising, that you’re getting better each day.You know, we as humans are very impatient people and want things done right away.But good things come to those who wait……………so keep up the good work and keep us informed.Our prayers to you all



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