Neurologist Visit

I saw my most-recent Neurologist again. Talked with her about that new Briviact medicine. Told the story about that price (and so forth) and I’m not going to take that one.

“What else we got?”

She named some meds that I’ve never heard about. We talk about this Lamictal that I’m already on. I’ve never really felt too many side-effects from that. With the increase of Lamictal and complete removal of the Depakote ER, that is the way we’re going. I believe this would be the best.

Being on only 500mg of Depakote ER has changed things for the better. Clearer thinking! Getting words out of my mouth seems to better too. It’ll take a few weeks to go to 250mg and then get completely off Depakote AFTER increasing the Lamictal first.

We’ll have to see how all this changes within me. I think it can only be better. I feel great right now being on less of the Depakote. It’ll be the best what I’m completely off. The Lamictal I’ve taken has not been any problem. We’ll have to wait and see how all this goes.


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