Where am I now?

Hmm… Well…

Okay. So, I went ahead and I went forth the effort to get on a new medication. I’m trying the choice…

…raising one…lowering to removal another…
(choosing which one comes first)

So, what happens? Just a mess. First of all, this Lamictal hasn’t been a problem at all, until I ~slowly~ raise it. Also, the Depakote ER is lowered slowly.

The problem that I forgot I had. I take Depakote ER for BOTH seizures & bipolar. The Lamictal I take is ONLY good for seizures, but it also makes Depakote ER work better. So, this getting off the Depakote ER can be a problem. Earlier in my life, I found that I actually need both reasons. So…. Lamictal (by itself) doesn’t do what I need.

No. I’ll have to hear and think about about all the other choices.



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