Still Going! Given Hope Again (by Sherry)

Dr Uysal just stopped by the room to chat with Darren. He and Dr. Camarata have been talking all morning.

They will still go in and remove the broken leads and depending on the damage they will either go ahead and remove the leads on just the right side and make the holes on the left bigger and have leads only on the left and keep going on the process (with surgery #2 and#3) or they may tell us that Darren needs to heal from this trauma and come back for the last two surgeries at a later date.

So they have changed their suggestions. Darren told the Doctor he did not want to give up now! He told him he wants to keep going. So there you have it!

We don’t have a scheduled surgery time yet, but it will be today that they go in and survey the damages.

2 thoughts on “Still Going! Given Hope Again (by Sherry)

  1. Thank goodness, I was so sad when I read the first updates……I’m praying for good news and pray they can keep the process going and that Bud will have patience with all of this. He’s come too far to quit now. Love you guys!



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