The Plan as of Right Now (by Sherry)

Wow! What a day!

As of 6pm the plan is to remain here through the weekend. No surgery today. They (doctors) analyzed data all day. They think his incident this morning was a seizure. They were texting each other in between cases and there is some minimal bleeding inside his brain. They do not want to risk any more damage to his memory or possibly cause paralysis. So after going back and forth all afternoon the plan is eat, rest and get blood levels up over the weekend. They also will continue monitoring him for more seizures.

Monday, find an available operating room and reopen the holes and remove the EEG leads that are still in place and see how extensive the bleeding is. Then they will close him up and get him back on his meds and by this time next week he will be home.

He will wait a month or two and come back here for surgery #2 and #3. They have data that is supporting that these procedures will stop his seizures.

  • Surgery #2 involves putting leads inside the brain again but only on the left side. Wait for seizures like we did this week.
  • Surgery #3 will be removal of the part of the brain that the seizures start from.

There is a small chance that they will go ahead with #2 on Monday, but the data really doesn’t support that would be ideal.

So there you have it! We will just keep moving forward but at a slower speed.


He took several bites!


He has to sleep with all the lights on so they can video him having seizures.


This is his monitoring screen before this morning


This is his monitoring after the incident this morning.

Bud is remaining optimistic now that we have a plan. We will just keep chugging along.
Well Bud is getting a bath from a pretty nurse right now. (his exact words)

Still trying to get all those cards to him. The staff here is kinda nimbly today. Hahaha!


Debra reading a card she brought.

Will blog more when I come back or the doctors change their mind.


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