Saturday – Rehabilitation (by Sherry)

The nurse got Daren up early. He didn’t like that and doesn’t like that nurse now. He headed to the dining room and no one was there. He was very upset!

Darren rode the bike in the Physical Therapy room. He also walked up and down the hallway.

Darren took apart the chair alarm, and hid it in his dresser. The nurse noticed his alarm was missing a piece, and found another one to replace it. He placed his computer bag on it, instead (next to his chair) so he is refusing to use his chair alarm. He has not taken apart his bed alarm yet, but I suspect he will do that soon.  I am going to speak to the social worker on Monday to figure out why he has an alarm 24/7.  His walking is improving so well!!! He really is trying in the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy department. He really dislikes his Speech Therapy.

Darren’s cousins came to visit, and got there a little before we did. His cousins brought him Oreos (apparently he asked them to bring him some). We had Darren show us the Physical Therapy room and the dining room. While we were there, he had other relatives call and talk with him.




Darren was wiped out after all the excitement of the day. His cousins went home and we were just sitting quietly watching “Storage Wars” and this is what I saw:


He was so tired from all the excitement and action. I quietly put away his new sweatpants and shirts. He has decided he isn’t ready to wear his jeans yet. He has some in his dresser- but asked me to get him some sweats.

He woke up a bit before his supper of corn dog and fries and vegetable salad. He actually refused to eat his lunch (it isn’t his Momma’s Sloppy Joes) so I hope he ate dinner.

NOTE: He is still wearing the hat that his mom bought him too!!!

Darren was feeling a bit down today. He does not remember his surgeries. He is frustrated with the fact he is not at home. Please send him emails and messages on his facebook to cheer him!!! If you would like to send a card- please message me and I will send you our address so I can take them to him. We visit every day.



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