Sunday – Rehabilitation is No Fun (by Sherry)

Darren stayed in bed all day. He finally ate some pizza around 5:30pm. He did not eat breakfast or lunch. He sent me texts that said “I want to come home.” Which broke my heart.

I found out that he had a fever last night of 101.7. But he did not have one during the day, that was until around 7pm then it was 99.7. This is normal during the healing process. But it made him uncomfortable and grouchy. (Typical MAN?)

While we were there he napped for about an hour or so. I brought him pizza and Gatorade and his son thought he needed M&Ms which he ate the whole bag of.

His sister called and they talked for a short time. We ended up watching a rerun of AFV and he laughed a little. He then buried himself under his covers and complained of a headache. So we took the leftover pizza to the nurses  and stopped by WalMart on our way out of town.

By the time I pulled in our driveway he was texting me again.

I will be talking to the doctors tomorrow to see when he can come home. He said he doesn’t even want a “pass” to go to his son’s Blue and Gold banquet next Sunday.


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