Monday — Rehab a Better Day (by Sherry)

Darren started texting me about 8:00am. He told me he ate breakfast (couldn’t remember what though) and said that he would not be done with his  therapy until 3:30pm. I called the Rehab Hospital and left a message with his Social Worker. She called me back and we set up a meeting for later today.  I told Darren about the meeting and he was glad we were going to get some answers today.

The Social Worker came into the room while Darren was in the room as well- so Darren was there while we discussed everything. OT and PT are pretty confident in his skills. He does need to do some kind of exercise when he gets out – whether it will be formal therapy or not is yet to be determined. I know when Darren comes home – he is going to take his son to school in the morning and we are going to hit the Mall and walk every morning.

We discussed his plan to get discharged. Darren will definitely need to have extensive Speech Therapy due to his severe short term memory loss. He is back to asking me the same questions over and over again (he did this before surgery) and he does not seem to really taste his food. Nothing sounded good for supper — he takes a few bites and shoves it away no matter what he is eating. Nothing tastes really good to him. He does prefer his Orange Gatorade over water though.

But here – it is… The plan is to have him discharged THIS FRIDAY!!! 

We celebrated by playing UNO and Darren won two rounds and I won one round and we were about to play a third round when his cousins James and Deborah called to chat with him.

Darren made a cake in his OT today- but he does not remember baking it. He remembers following the recipe. He said he biked again- about 15 miles.

Darren has overcome the chair/bed alarms. He has unhooked them and he hid them in his dresser. I found them putting some clothes away. So I made him hold them while I took the picture. He said “Hurry up before they find out where I hide them!”


Here he is thinking about what he wanted to tell me. He is using that eyebrow- that is for sure!!!


The doctor came in to check him out- he glared at the McDonald’s on his tray. Oh well… Darren only ate one cheeseburger and no fries. He checked him out and asked about his head pain. He asked about his tremors… yes, they are still there- and will continue to be there. Darren has accepted it.

We said “See you later” but after we got a good picture of him and his son. He really had a good day. His headache is still there, but not as often.



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