That Psych Lady….

You know, I should of just blogged about the past visit earlier this week, but …. (eh, I can’t think of a good excuse)… I believe now that I have had such a tiny-tiny change in my medication, it has effected my psych visits “a bunch”.

My Psych Lady before she had been acting as if she has never met a guy with “brain surgery” and NOW “brain surgery with the lowering of medication”…. Really? Really?

We ate our lunch and did our talk.

As I was leaving, I was informed that we were going to keep visiting. So I asked…

“For a long time?”
“Forever and ever?”
“Eh, maybe not THAT long….”

MAYBE? Oh, that’s the best word that has been said! Better than — NO WAY AT ALL!


One thought on “That Psych Lady….

  1. Keep doing what you have been doing, it sounds like you are almost where you want to be!

    Your GG friend Anne

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